Created to help bridge the funding gap for female founders, Stacy’s Rise Project has been connecting and empowering women business owners for years. Stacy’s® Pita Chips wasn’t always a household name, and resources such as advertising, expertise/mentorship and financial support helped this female-founded brand rise from a humble sandwich cart to the nation’s supermarkets. These same resources are exactly what today’s women need to succeed- now more than ever- which is why Stacy’s® is offering 15 women the opportunity to make their dreams a reality with the latest iteration of the Rise Project. 

If you’re a female founder, we want to support you. If your business is selected, you could receive:    

The Stacy’s Rise Project™ supports female-founded businesses through funding, mentorship and community. 

Applications for the 2020 Stacy's Rise Project are now closed.

The More We Share, The More We Rise

To apply you must be:

  • A female-founded small business (in any industry).
  • Looking for funding relief.
  • Giving back to the community—through individual efforts, or through your company.
  • Available to participate in a virtual mentorship program from July to October 2020.

Applications open on May 4th, 2020 at 12pm CST and will remain open through June 1st, 2020 at 9am CST.

All applicants get access to a community of passionate female founders on Hello Alice who have come together to kick start their businesses just by applying. Additionally, if you're a Food & Bev Female Founder, we encourage you to join the WomanMade community here for added support.



The 4th annual Rise Project initiative will center around mentoring, supporting and funding female-founded businesses just like Stacy’s®.


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Hello Alice

Our ad space
We’ll help you build ads and run them at no cost to you.

Our expertise
Through a virtual mentorship program, we’ll connect you with PepsiCo/Frito-Lay leaders and other industry experts to help you grow your business. 

Our financial support
We’ll award $10,000 grants to 15 female founders.

Stacy's Rise Project 2019 Finalists